"My experience at Holistic Healing Co-Op with Eloi was beyond words. From the moment I walked in to the blissful sanctuary to the chamomile tea and chat before the reiki session to the incredible sound vibrational/guided meditation/reiki healing that I received...such deep peace and healing definitely felt/experienced/opened up. I highly recommend services here for the mind, body and soul." - Stephon L. 

"Amazing experience! My wife and I each had our first reiki/chakra balancing and sound bath session. We both felt renewed, happy, and excited about life again. It helped remind us of our spiritual journey. The stresses of our daily lives drifted away. We will definitely be signing up for more sessions." - Giovanni T.

There is not enough time in the day to describe how great services were. I purchased 3 Reiki sessions and I can honestly say that I am a different and better person after just one session. The owner's skills are indescribably great and his passion for healing is infectious. I have since purchased a Reiki workshop and plan to continue working with the co-op. I highly recommend this company and feel that you will quickly understand what a gem you have found. - Lakisha R. 

"Incredible! Eloi is a beautiful and loving teacher. Prepare to upgrade mind, body, soul." - Lucien Vattel, Reiki Master, Entrepreneur 

"I took the Masters Of The Universe Reiki course with Eloi Theopholus and Zeraphina Quenby last month... and finished my weekend feeling WHOA!!! I feel so empowered after receiving the attunements and am simply bursting at the seems to develop my practice more, discover more and clear my channels more in order to let this beautiful healing energy pass through me. If you know Z and Rio, you know that sweet, loving energy that surrounds them and that's mainly why I chose to do my Reiki courses with them. However, I also strongly support their passionate drive to provided teachings and services in a more community based setting, offering literally the most humble prices I've come across in my search for Reiki attunements and trainings. If you're interested in Healing work, developing your own practice or simply undoing some of the emotions/ habits that are no longer serving you, I'd highly recommend joining this 3Day Course ASAP! I can honestly say between the attunements, Reiki Sessions, and information I received I am a different woman and I now have experiences that will stay with me forever. Thank you so much my dear friends for cultivating this healing community space!"- Megan Inae Thomas, Reiki Master / Massage Therapist

"I recently took an amazing three day Reiki training workshop which was led by Rio's company Eloi Theopholus and the Holistic Healing Co-op. Reiki is a spiritual vibrational healing practice used to promote balance throughout the human system. In the workshop we learned Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki III as well as hands- on and distance healing techniques. I strongly recommend this excellent workshop for those who are interested in experiencing, learning or teaching Reiki."- Rick Benshlomo, Reiki Master / Aerospace Engineer

"As a professional body worker and massage therapist in my own right this Reiki attunement has really grown my practice, it helped bring joy into my life and allows me to provide healing to myself and others." - Brian Myers, Reiki Practitioner / Professional Body Worker